Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hospitality Update

Well hello friends!

It has been a long time since we've posted, so we thought that we would give a little update on how our hospitality adventures are going! If you will recall, the first post that we have on this blog is about our new year's resolution to make our home a hospitality center!

We have been able to have several more guests in our home recently, and though we haven't been able to get pictures of all of them, here are a few below...

This is Jeremy, our Student Venture staff guy for Frisco! Jeremy is such a sweet guy - really a joy to be around! If you're wondering what in the world he is doing in this picture, let me explain...

My dad, being the fun-loving-kid-at-heart kind of guy that he is, has invented a game with Jeremy when the two of them are together at staff meeting each week. They go in the men's restroom and once they have washed their hands, they wad up their paper towels and play a game of hoops with their paper towels (basketball) and the trashcan (hoop.) You would be amazed at how much they get into it (and how competitive they get!!) Christa and I and even Mom joined in the fun , since we set up the "hoop" outside the bathroom this time:) and I do have to admit, it's pretty fun!! So now you know what really goes on at staff meeting... :)

Did I mention that they get competitive?

After dinner, we played a rousing game of catch phrase - boys versus girls. And who won?? Drum roll please.................
The GIRLS!! This is a picture of "the losers eating their cookies" as my mom put it!! :)

The next visitors were Simi, our wonderful Student Venture intern "big sister," :) Jacquellynne Miller, a prospective staff girl from Arkansas, and Ruth Cotton, a prospective intern from Michigan! We had a wonderful evening with all 3 of them, getting to meet Jacquellynne and Ruth for the first time, and of course getting to know Simi even better! Jacquellynne spent the rest of the week with us as she got to take a closer look at the Student Venture ministry, and we had a wonderful time with her and really hit it off!

Yes, there was time for ministry, but also time for goofing off...we spent a while the last night practicing our juggling skills with Jacquellynne!!

Last but certainly not least, were our friends the Vogrins! We had met them once before, but were thrilled to be able to get to know them better when they were in town this past month! We spent the day with Mrs. Claudia Vogrin and their 18 year old son Paul at our local nature preserves, and had a wonderful time walking the trails, learning how to juggle from Paul (who is an expert, let me tell you!! :)) and playing a game of volleyball and frisbee! Then later that evening, Mr. Vogrin and my dad joined us for dinner and music!!

Just for the record, juggling is WAY harder than it looks!! Paul was so patient, but we never quite caught on before he left! :) We're doing better now! (after much practice!) :)

A time of music...

And singing together!!

We thank the Lord for each one of these friends that we got to spend time with! :)