Saturday, February 11, 2012

We're Alive!

Yes, we're alive and we're well! Only our blog is not! :) In these past few months, the Lord has taught us much, and drawn us closer to Himself. He does all things well. We pray that He has been real to each of you, and that you have known His goodness in your life.

One of the highlights of these past few months has been taking my (Kate's) piano students to play for residents of a nursing home. Music is a gift, and what better place to share it than with the lonely and often forgotten? It brought joy to my heart to see the paradox of nervous thrill in each of my students, as they discovered the joy of doing a difficult yet worthwhile thing. From the six-year-old playing the great all time classic "Old MacDonald," :) to the nineteen-year-old playing "Be Thou My Vision," we all found much joy in sharing our music with the elderly.

The residents were incredibly warm and welcoming! They sang along to the tunes they knew, and clapped their hands or tapped their feet to the ones they didn't. :)

The duets are always a fun part of every recital...

This time, it was so fun to have a couple of the moms play with their children. This is Landrey, whose repertoire included "Oh I Love Snack Time" and "Old MacDonald." Need I say that he was the hit of the program? :)

Most of the piano students - relieved and relaxed at last

Sweet Annabelle

We met this woman after the program, and her sweet spirit shone just through her radiant smile. She loves the Lord and encouraged Christa and me to stay faithful to Him and keep a regular journal of the things He is showing us.

Stay tuned for more updates...
Until then! :)