Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Family Choir Camp

This past week, we hosted a family choir camp at our church! We had some sweet friends of ours, Mr. and Mrs. Amon and Joy Baker, drive over from Arkansas to direct it for us. Mr. Baker is in his eighties, and Mrs. Baker is almost eighty, but both seem years younger!! Together, they have been directing choirs and teaching voice for over sixty years!

It was such a joy to have them in our home for the week that they were here! They are a lovely, vibrant couple that truly loves and serves Jesus, and it was so much fun to be able to get to know them better!

The choir camp was Wednesday and Thursday evening, and all day Friday and Saturday. We rehearsed six anthems to sing, and loved every one of them! Here is a picture of all of us squeezed into the choir loft! :) There were about 40 people participating - most of them from our church, but a couple homeschool families from other churches as well.

The fun thing about the week was that we had all ages participating: from six years old to seventy years old!! :) This is Christa with a new friend, Bethany, (17 yrs) and another little friend, Andrew, (6 yrs) in her lap! :)

Besides working on the six anthems to sing, we also had something called masterclasses incorporated into our rehearsal times. This was a brief personal lesson in front of the group to get Mr. Baker's advice and input. Though everyone was more than a little nervous to participate, there were quite a few who decided to take the plunge and put together a song to sing for everyone. :)

Christa playing the piano for our friends, Emily and Jenny, as they practice their duet to sing for a Masterclass.

The two sets of twins! :)

Hope and Grace Rohlin were my "second soprano buddies" during the rehearsal times!!

Mr. Baker...
And the joyful Mrs. Joy Baker!

Even Dad was a good sport and joined us for the week as a promising (but sometimes goofy!!) tenor! :)

On Sunday morning, we warmed up our voices in the Fellowship Hall, and then headed on in to the Sanctuary to present our program of six anthems as part of the worship service.

We closed out the week with a sad farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Baker. We had such an enjoyable time and felt like we benefited so much from the instruction we received!