Thursday, April 14, 2011

We love Mondays! :)

We'd like to introduce you to some dear friends - the Browns - a homeschool family of 9 that we have been working for weekly for the past few months! Their warm and gracious spirits have been such a great encouragement to us!

This picture is about 2 yrs old, but I wanted you to be able to see Mr. and Mrs. Brown also! :)

Every Monday morning finds us at their door around 9:00 to spend the day with them. Mainly we are there to help around the house - whether it's watching and playing with little ones, cooking, cleaning, laundry, helping with school work, doing sewing projects for them, etc. We also help some each week with data entry for their home business. (

Every Monday is filled to the brim with activity and fun little surprises as we work with their sweet children! :)

Little Alonna makes up for her small size with lots of personality!! :)

This is sweet Victoria (2 yrs)

Always time for playing in the sand box! The twins, Christianna and Elaina, are 4 now and growing fast!

I think one of the most wonderful things for us is that we are seeing firsthand what it takes to successfully raise a family with many children. And not just care for physical needs in that family, but also their spiritual and emotional needs. And then to see those children thrive as they grow and mature! What invaluable experience and training for Christa and me!!

A walk every time with the children is absolutely a non-negotiable! :)

Joseph and Timothy, their 2 younger sons, are 5 and 10, and I love watching them play fight with swords and guns together! Weston, their oldest (not pictured) is 17.

I had so much fun making these nightgowns and robes for each of the 3 older girls!
Kind of like making doll clothes...only even cuter! :)

We love you Brown family and are so thankful for your friendship!


  1. Aww, how fun! I love being around kids too - playing, working, helping etc!! They are all so cute!

  2. You go girls!! WOW, they remind us of the Bowes clan in Mossyrock, Wa.,even some of the same names..Victoria, Timothy and Joseph. They are a family of 10 now that they are adopting little Stanley. We will be going to see them soon.
    Ted and Karen

  3. So happy to see our "grown-up" neighbor gals doing so much for The a kingdom of Christ! Mom & Dad will definitely hear a "well done, my good & faithful servant"!
    As will you beautiful young ladies!