Saturday, September 29, 2012

Newsflash - We're Back!!

Hello, and welcome to the Bridges family blog, where we write at the staggering rate of a whopping 2 posts per year.


For those who have give up on ever hearing an update from our family again - - SURPRISE! :) Below is a little "report" on the highlight of our year......helping to host a girl's conference for 1100 girls and moms. We serve an awesome God, Who alone deserves all glory and honor. May our lives reflect His light more and more each day, as we strive to love Him with all our hearts. This is our prayer for each of you, our friends, as well!

In December of 2011, I emailed the Mally family, who head up a ministry called Tomorrow's Forefathers, ( This family and their staff have ministered to thousands of girls all over the world through their girls' conferences and Bright Lights follow-up Bible study curriculum. Though the Mally's have held conferences all over the United States, they had never been to Texas, and I wanted to bring them here!

Their response to me informed me that another girl (her name was Haley) was one step ahead of me - she had already contacted them, wanting to host a conference in the Dallas area. And so began many months of planning together, hundreds of emails and phone calls, developing relationships, learning new skills, being stretched in our walk of faith, and growing in our relationship with the Lord.

Though Haley and her family took much of the load for organizing the conference, our family was delighted to come alongside them as much as possible. Together, Haley and I called 40 + churches to find a facility that would agree to host the conference. Finally, we found the perfect church in Carrollton, and a date was set for late July. This conference was really going to happen!

1200 registrations later, we were in awe as the Lord kept bringing these moms and daughters. The church was maxed out, but we never had to turn a single person away. Excitement mounted as the first session began, and Sarah Mally, the main speaker, shared vision with each girl to "choose to be strong for the Lord in your youth!'

There was much beautiful singing and music throughout the week....

As well as hilarious skits! :)

Christa and I were each excited to be a leader of a breakout group throughout the conference. Christa led 10 and 11 year-old's, and I led 13 and 14 year-old's. Both of us were stretched as we learned to depend ONLY on the Lord's strength and wisdom. Each of us had about 20 girls on our team, and we definitely needed the Lord's leading each step of the way!
Here is me with my team....

 And Christa with her team....

I also was able to share my testimony during one of the large groups time (while Sarah Mally did a "chalk talk"), and was so thankful to have that opportunity!

The conference ended, but opportunities for follow-up were just beginning! Since the conference, we have been thrilled to host a leader's training seminar in our home for older girls who are interested in leading a Bright Lights group (a discipleship group for girls ages 8 to 13 yrs).....

We have seen 4 new groups start up in the area, and there is potential for several more!

God is good.......who are we, that He would choose to use us and give us opportunities like these? "For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen." (Romans 11:36)


  1. Love the update! I am similar in not updating as much but maybe we can change that from here on out. Miss you guys and I am excited to hear what God is doing through your family!
    Love Brooke

  2. It was such a blessing for me to be a part of those conferences! I enjoyed getting to know y'all! I would do it again if I had the chance. :-)

    Thank you for everything!
    Elizabeth Lindsay