Friday, January 30, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Hello friends!
Well, we all have been discussing what our first post should be about, and have finally decided on one of our New Year's Resolutions: Hospitality! We are wanting to have more people over for dinner and fellowship at our house then ever before - and so far, so good! :) Our goal is to get our little guest book all filled up! :)
One of the first people we had over this year was a dear friend: Brooke Faulkner, who was on staff with Dad in Student Venture. I say "was" b/c she just left to go back to CO to be with her family. So before she moved, we had her for dinner at our house, and so enjoyed our time! She is such a sweet girl, and we will really miss her fun spirit! Christa, Mom, Brooke, Dad, Kate

Next came Grandpa Hohnstein (Mom's dad) all the way from Ardmore, Oklahoma, for his 85th birthday! We had a little "party" at our house with him and his other daughter (Mom's sister) and her family. As usual, we had a "rip - roarin'" good time, complete with arm wrestling, and fashion shows! :) The picture that you see below is of everyone trying on one of Grandpa's b-day gifts: a new hat!
Grandpa (Willard), Mom, Christa, Kate, Aunt Diane, Cousin Kelsey Grandpa, Uncle Bill, Cousins Matt and Tim, and Dad

The sweet Webb family (Jerry and Carol) came in town from IL just a couple weeks ago, and we were excited to have them and Janet Webb (Jerry's sister who lives in Carrollton) over for brunch also! Mrs. Webb even played a couple beautiful pieces on the piano for us while she was here! All 3 of them have been partners with our family in Student Venture ministry for many, many years, and we so appreciate their friendship and the way they have blessed our family through their generosity, faithfulness and love! Janet, Carol, and Jerry

And last, (for now!) but certainly not least was our darling friend Simi Lawoyin all the way from Nigeria! She is living in Carrollton now while she attends school at DBU, and is also an intern with Dad for Student Venture. She has become like a big sister to Christa and me - always fitting right in with whatever activity our family is doing! Simi's dad is a pastor back in Nigeria, so Simi grew up as a PK - ministering with her family to the African people! She plans to go back to Nigeria within a year or so to once again work with her people and share the love of Christ!
Simi, Kate, Christa, and Brooke

That's all for now, but don't think we're stopping there! :) More updates to follow!
And if any of you "out - of - towners" ever happen to be in the Dallas area, we'd love to have you over too!
With love,
The Bridges


  1. Love the blog... The Man

  2. Yay!! I made it into your blog spot :) Very nicely laid out. I love the pictures from your Grandpa's visit. Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Simi

  3. Thanks for the blog. Love Grandpa's birthday pictures! What a great way to keep all of us up to date with the family.

    The Loete's