Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Brown Family!

Recently, Christa and I have been going over to our friends house, the Brown's, every now and then to help out with babysitting andother household activites! The Brown's are such a dear family, and we have so enjoyed our times over there! Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Monica Brown have 6 children: Weston (age 14), Joseph (age 8), Timothy (3), the twins Elaina and Christianna (2), and the "angel" Victoria (6 months)!! lol Timmy, Elaina, and Christianna were adopted from Russia about a year ago!
Activities at the Brown household include school lessons with Joseph (since the Brown's homeschool as well), laundry, sewing, cooking, reading books to little ones, sweeping, swinging outside, taking walks, dusting, piano playing, helping little ones "go potty," :) holding Victoria! and of course, chatting whenever we have a free moment!! :)

Christa in "hog heaven" with little Victoria!
Timmy and Joseph on Timmy's new bed!

....Miss Elaina...

...And Miss Christianna!
A fun day indeed! :)

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  1. I love your new blog! What fun it will be to keep up with you all this way even more regularly!

    I couldn't help but smile as I saw these pictures of you all being "mother's helpers" - it's very familiar territory that Katelin and I have walked in also! I recognize Mrs. Brown's skirt from when we went re-sale shopping together. And I love the names of their children! Timothy, Elaina, and Christianna in particular are names I've always filed away as ones for future use in my own family perhaps. :)

    Thanks for your work writing and uploading pictures so that us far-away friends can have a peek into your weekly life!

    Lots of love to you all!