Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Valentines Banquet!

Hello all!Bold
This is actually Christa posting this time! :) About a week and a half ago, Kate and I had the opportunity to be involved in our new church's Valentine's banquet. We both had an amazing time teaming up with all our new friends tackling this big project! Let me explain...

Okay, so the assistant pastor at our church and his family (the Rohlins) had this amazing idea to host a Valentine's banquet at our church (First Baptist Las Colinas) for the married and courting couples to honor and encourage them. After all the time and preparation that many families put into it, the day actually came. We spent all day at church doing the calligraphy for the name cards, cleaning up, setting the tables, preparing material for the childcare, and other preparatory activities. Excitement heightened and responsibilities increased as 6:00 P.M. was quickly approaching. Finally all the people began arriving, and the night's festivities began. The adults sat down to a nice dinner and marriage workshop taught by the assistant pastor, and the youth took orders, served the food, refilled glasses, ran the childcare, played the background music, cleaned up, etc, etc! Let me just tell you: that night was one of those circumstances where we were totally stressed, but enjoying every single minute of it, if that makes sense at all! :)

Some of the waitresses and waiters getting ready to take orders...

Back in the kitchen, scrambling to put together orders...it was almost like a madhouse back there - I wish you could have seen all our faces - they were flushed beat red! But trust me, we were all having the time of our lives!! :)

A quick break to pose with our friend, Hope Rohlin...

Playing background music...

Taking orders..."would you like your glass refilled?"

A comic relief as we wash dishes after a hectic night! In case you're wondering what we're doing, we're "singing into the mics" with another friend Joanna Thornton, the pastor's daughter! :)

Some of the waiters, musicians, cleanup crew, and childcare workers...

What a day!!!


  1. You are blogging! How cool! I love this post about the banquet. Didn't know anyone was taking pictures besides Faith.
    I will definitely bookmark your blog! We just posted a video on ours. Check it out.

    Mrs. Lodi

  2. I so enjoyed reading your description of this wonderful experience and seeing all the fun pictures! I have always wanted to do a similar Valentine's banquet at our church. Maybe it will work out for next year!

  3. What an interesting blog. I loved the pictures of you girls. What a fun time. It sounds like you are keeping busy and learning and having fun at the same time. Tell your dad that was a special picture of him with the driving cap on. Pretty cool for dad!! Take care in Phoenix!
    Love, Aunt Connie

  4. Oh that looked like such a fun time! I miss you guys a lot and look forward to seeing you this summer. Keep blogging, its so fun to keep up...I need to update mine more often, you have inspired me!
    Love you all,

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